Patients Testimonials

My mother had a number of oral surgeries and stopped eating due to all the pain. I didn’t know what to do. Thank goodness my close friend suggested to see a surgeon that has a magic gel. After 24 hours, my mom was eating again. Incredible product!  (Anna, IL)
I have had several dental procedures performed by Dr. Carter and my most recent one was on 01/05/2017. This experience was different since I used StellaLife for the first time. I followed the instructions and was surprised that my level of pain was considerably less. I used the rinse, gel and spray. I was surprised that I had very little swelling. I had minimum discomfort. I came back to the office 10 days post extractions and two implants and stitches were removed. The team commented that I must be a fast healer since my surgery sites looked so healed. I attribute that to StellaLife products. I have recommended StellaLife to friends about to have similar procedures. I will not have another dental procedure without StellaLife. Had I used it the first time, I would not have a need for pain pills. I can recommend StellaLife to anyone having dental procedures.” (Judy, TN)
I needed something to help me with dryness in my mouth. StellaLife Rinse did it. Then, I discovered it helps my sensitive gums heal faster after dental cleaning treatments. This product is a winner.  (Mark, IL)
This gel and rinse provides immense relief for my dentures. Gel helped reduce my swelling and pain in the gums. Then I used the antibacterial rinse and it helped me reduce mouth sores and dry mouth. Thank you for helping me. (Laura, FL) 
I use natural products for my family, so I wanted to try this new homeopathic gel and rinse recommended by my dentist. It helped my son ease the soreness from his braces much better. It reduced my cold sore pain literally within minutes. This is the only product for me and my family.  (David, IL)
I lost bone mass and needed an implant surgery. My surgeon recommended that I use a natural kit. Directions were simple to follow and products were easy to use. Surprisingly, my pain was very manageable on the first day, requiring minimal pain medications. I was comfortable during the first night and was sleeping soundly. (John, IL)
I had my wisdom teeth removed. My friends had warned me that it would be very painful and would take many days to heal. I avoid taking pain medications, so I tried the StellaLife Kit. Most of my pain and bruising were gone after the second day, so I was able to return to school quickly without missing classes. (Susan, IL)
While at my dentist's office, I was offered a natural oral gel to aid an ulcer on my tongue that was making it incredibly difficult to eat. My healing was surprisingly quick. Now, I regularly use StellaLife Rinse and Gel. (Bill, IL)
I had a number of dental procedures performed, and a friend recommended a homeopathic oral gel to deal with my pain. I tried it and it actually works! I use it after all oral procedures to relieve my pain. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone. (Valentina, IL)

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